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Data awakening brokers must pass through the road

14th November 2018

  • The importance of data

With the help of proper data analysis, any company can make informed business decisions. It also helps to enhance company integrate and analyze information ability, collecting inside and outside data of the company, and integrating them into effective decision-making.

Significantly improve the efficiency and the quality of decision-making, which can greatly raise the operation and performance of the company.

In addition, business processes can be optimized based on data analysis results, reducing unnecessary cost, minimizing customer acquisition costs and optimizing customer experience.

  • Road to data awareness

Facing with operational challenges in the era of big data, brokers should establish a “data-driven” development model on strategic level, improve the data operation system. Brokers also need to gradually upgrade core values and competition at the tactical level, from building user portraits to precision marketing to operational optimization.

Combined with the powerful data visualization analysis in the Broker Work dashboard, brokers can get strong technical and service support for big data analysis technology, helping brokers to improve their data operation capabilities and drive business growth.

  • Minimize CAC & CPA

  • It can fully display the relevant life cycle data of all customers in the dashboard, from potential customers to deposit or withdrawal status, to weekly or daily active and sleep time, all of which can be clearly shown in the dashboard;
  • If you have multiple channels for developing customers, you can also see how is the quality of the customers brought by different channels, easily evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each channel, and lead the future investment to the more valuable channels;
  • Evaluate whether the value brought by the IB proportional to the commission paid to him? Which IB can be marked as VIP? Which IB may carry more risks? The value analysis of the IBs can be fully displayed in the dashboard, and you can easily recognize the quality of the IBs.



  • Graphical Data

If you want to obtain the actual performance statistics from traditional data report, you have to rely on secondary calculation and art design. There are dozens of visual elements and graphics built into the dashboard. In addition to the regular line, pie, and column charts, it also supports complex flow diagrams, chord diagrams, circle pie charts, waterfall charts, pyramid charts, etc. Truly release the power of data to effectively help brokerage understands the meaning of the data.


  • Intelligence workflow for multiple roles

The business development of brokers is inseparable from the efforts of sales, IBs and the promotion of marketing and operations. Therefore, in addition to the boss, the dashboard feature is also designed for sales, IBs, marketing and operations.

[Customer Data Analysis] it helps business people to understand the overall situation of their customers in an all-round way and provide an effective basis for daily follow-up.


[Performance Statistics Analysis] user such as sales can clearly see the deposits, withdrawals and the trading history of all of its subordinate customers, so that get to know the completion of their own performance, how far from their performance target. It is a shortcut to know their own performance.



[Customer Source Analysis] and [Source Conversion Trend] with the help of these two features, it helps marketing and operations find out the best quality channels to get more and better potential customers, so that they can target the channels to put on the budget and do the forecast more accurately.