About Us - LeanWork

About Us

Established in 2014, LEAN WORK is a leading SaaS provider that specializes within the FX industry. In just three years since it was founded, the company has grown exponentially and has received two series of funding from venture capitalists of China's most reputable Internet companies. In that short amount of time, the company has also developed complete Trader's and Broker's and solutions and successfully served over 300 clients, including both local Chinese brokers and leading international brands. Headquartered in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Lean Work's R&D Centre is located in Chengdu.

We Unite Opposites

Simple BUT Complete

No fuss Cloud Solutions that cover all our customers needs.

Easy BUT Functional

User-friendly interfaces rich of features and functionalities

Affordable BUT High-Quality

We avoid unnecessary costs without ever sacrificing quality.

Why go "Lean"

The secret to our success is our Lean Methodology. By providing quality services with the least amount of resources, this simple but effective method gives our customers the best value for their money. Our clients enjoy round the-clock services from our dedicated team of experts, which ensures fast and optimized solutions at lower costs that leads to CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

We are a full service Forex Technology provider. Our team is equipped with a strong background in technology and financial markets that can help take your business to new heights. But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering passion to deliver exceptional service through our innovative products and packages.

Our Benefits

Cloud Service

Any time, anywhere, any device. Access the latest technology through your fingertips with fast deployment and free upgrades

Turnkey Solution

Ready-to-use solutions, that requires minimal software development efforts from our clients

Proven Quality

Trusted by 300+ brokers all around the world

Secure System

We guarantee utmost confidentiality. No data will be disclosed to third parties without your permission.

Customized features

Tailor made adjustments to suit every kind of need.

Real-time Syncronization

Never get left behind with the latest financial updates. Our products are synchronized to guarantee that information is shared in real-time.

Modular System

Our products can be independently used to adapt to different requirements

Scalability Approach

Our solutions are created to adapt to and handle increasing demands of work. When your company grows, we grow with you.