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China: Land of Untapped Possibilities

21st November 2017

Get that competitive edge and make your mark in one of the world’s emerging foreign exchange markets.

For thousands of years, China has captivated the world’s imagination through its rich culture and history. Today, it remains one of the strongest and most powerful countries in the world. Due to its sheer size and vast labor force, China is also considered a major economic powerhouse. Its official currency, the Yuan, has become one of the most traded currencies globally, largely due to the expansion of the country’s foreign exchange market.

However, despite the massive potential of its financial market, many Forex Brokers, especially from the west, are hesitant to do business in China due to its unfamiliar and challenging landscape. While regulations have become less rigid over the years, rules are still highly subjective and dependent on domestic perception. For example, since most locals are skeptical about purely online businesses, Forex brokers must have a physical presence in the country. Another setback for brokers would be the lack of connections to properly build the network a broker might need.

Much like any other country, China has its own set of cultural norms when it comes to setting up businesses and for them the introducing broker or IB  is crucial. This can lead to endless and overly intricate network and demands from the IBs which makes an already complex process even more complicated. These along with other restrictions, make trading in China’s Forex market extremely challenging but the rewards of succeeding can also be exceptionally fulfilling.

So how does one get a foothold into China’s complex Forex industry? The secret is to find a dependable ally.

Go Lean to Lead                         

LeanWork is the most trusted and leading SaaS provider in China’s Forex Industry. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company was established in early 2014 and has since then set the standard for providing professional services to global FX brokers.

What sets LeanWork apart is its in-depth knowledge of how Chinese brokerages operate. Combined with the financial and technological expertise of its global team, the company can help interested western brokers to establish local presence not only in China, but in other Asian markets as well.

Super Customer Service

Currently, over 150 Chinese brokers have aready benefited from LeanWork’s innovative products and services. But the company aims to go beyond China and offer their services to brokers from all over the world.

LeanWork sets itself apart through their efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system in which brokers are assisted on the different requirements from China’s IBs.  LeanWork also has different IB management tools like Broker Work that allows brokers to customize their own commission plans to suit the different needs of their clients.

But the difference doesn’t stop there. Over the years, Lean Work further improved on their products to serve the needs of their diverse and growing clientele.  True to their core values of passion and dedication, Lean Work constantly looks for new ways to innovate.

Turning vision into reality

Building the leading CRM brand in the Forex industry, not only in China, but also in the global market, may seem like a daunting task. However, LeanWork has a full proof-plan to make that dream a reality.  Apart from constantly improving their tools to ensure efficiency and increase the value of their products, LeanWork also uses data to help establish sustainable growth to their brokers.  As one of the first  commercial CRM providers in the Forex industry, LeanWork is able to customize  and meet the specific needs of their client. Flexibility, safety and stability are what LeanWork’s products are known for.  The company’s in-depth knowledge of technology and unparalled expertise in the Forex industry, make them the best ally.

Conquering the East

The steady rise of the Asian economony has made it a powerful player in the Forex industry. Along with the increasing prominence of the Yuan, China has taken center stage and is deemed to be the next big venue for global FX brokers.

Having LeanWork as a partner gives brokers get the competitive edge they need to to succeed. Now with a team based in Europe, even interested western clients can explore the dynamic FX industry of China without fear or hesitation. By availing of their comprehensive Gateway to China package, brokers will have access to all the products and services they will need to establish their foothold in the country. From operations to marketing and everything in between, LeanWork will be able to assist any broker who wishes to not only penetrate but conquer and succeed in China’s thriving Forex industry.