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The Cyprus FinTech Expo Nicosia 2017

24th June 2019

8th November 2017

The Cyprus FinTech Expo The Cyprus FinTech Expo is a one day event that combines an unrivaled educational conference with a comprehensive exposition of the latest products and technologies disrupting the traditional financial services. Alongside the conference, attendees are offered a chance to network with like-minded professionals, join in the talking points surrounding the impact and future of FinTech and keep up to date with all the rapid developments of the latest technology revolution. Nicosia will take center stage as leading industry experts - both visionaries and pioneers - come together to celebrate this new emerging reality. The Cyprus FinTech Expo aspires to become an annual European meeting of professionals where updates and issues of concern to the industry are discussed. Seize the opportunity to attend the first event of its kind in Cyprus, guaranteed to leave its mark.

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