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An Advanced IB Management Tool Makes The Difference

7th December 2017

Are you a broker looking to get ahead of the game? Wondering how you can increase your revenue? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Providing services for multilevel commission settlement and an online business platform aiming to support brokers’ internal and external users, Broker Work is a specially designed management system that offers forex brokers a complete package, including IB Portal.

Why choose Introducing Brokers?

Anyone dealing in the Forex market knows that customer support at the ground level operations can be rather inconsistent at times. Introducing Brokers, as the name implies, is someone who introduces new customers to a retail broker. The Introducing Brokers (IB) provide supplemental customer support while directing business to the clearing firm and setting up accounts for trading. It provides you with a strong standing in the financial world and keeps you at the top of the priority list at a dealing firm.

Introducing Brokers have to stay the best at their work otherwise they won’t succeed in the industry. Having access to the latest information on the clearing firms and financial strategies, IBs can provide a great deal of assistance to the traders on having the upper hand.

Misconceptions about Introducing Broker Program:

Many traders have reservations about utilizing the skills of an Introducing Brokers. Traders feel like they are using the services of a middleman when that is probably not the case. IB’s should never interfere with the trade process as they have no access to client funds. They do not modify forex spreads or alter trading platforms. Therefore, using an IB can only help you increase your potential revenue and business.

Broker Work offers IB Portal –A must-have tool:

Want to achieve your goals without dropping the bundle? Our clients enjoy rapid deployment of new functionality and an all-in-one solution for FX brokers. An excellent software platform always provides the tools that help brokers increase their income all the while improving their trade. Using technology to your advantage, BrokerWork’s Introducing Broker portal can help you do just that! This is an excellent opportunity to receive world-class service from talented professionals who are committed to delivering their expert solutions that will help you achieve great heights. We provide an advanced and sophisticated system tool that allows brokers to manage their IBs. Using this tool, the IB’s and Brokers can generate their commissions in real-time, which is a very rare commodity in the financial market. This gives brokers the ability to save time to set up a multi-level scheme through which they can allocate different kinds of commissions to a number of IBs in a flexible hierarchical way.

IB portal offers real-time monitoring of all the trading. This user friendly interface not only saves the valuable time of a broker and make life easier for IBs which can take advantage of the real time rebate