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The importance of UI and Business Intelligence

27th March 2018

You might have heard about BI or Business Intelligence but what does it mean? Business Intelligence is about delivering relevant and reliable information to the right people at the right time with the goal of achieving better decisions faster. For this purpose, Business Intelligence requires methods and programs to collect unstructured data, convert it into information and present it to improve business decisions.

Business Intelligence takes the immense amount of data generated by businesses and presents it in a meaningful and actionable way because there is no way a human can process or analyze that much information to gain a complete real-time overview in less time. Another very important aspect of these forex trading platforms is how pleasant the experience is for the user and how easy it was for the user to interact with the interface. User experience (UX) deal with the human feelings and behaviors related to forex trading interfaces.

This involves customer satisfaction and loyalty by making the site easy to use for the customer. User Interface, on the other hand, focuses on the visual appeal and the ease of interaction with the customer. Lean Work always aims to provide their customers with the best services, and that is why they have developed a new and efficient system Dashboard for Broker Work so that you can experience an easier way to monitor and manage your brokerage transactions.

Why do brokers need an efficient Dashboard?

It is impossible for a human being to analyze so much data effectively. The Dashboard helps brokers to improve the decision-making efficiency by collecting operational data and visualizing core business data. The Dashboard makes all the information easily accessible to the user, and you can manage, track and compare your transactions whenever and wherever you like.

The main modules in the dashboard include My dashboard, performance analysis, customer source analysis and overall business analysis.

Core features of Broker Work Dashboard:

Following are the core features that you can experience on Lean Works Dashboard: Data indicators: The dashboard has a complete set of data indicators. These data indicators include new customers, commissions, deposit and more than seventy other data indicators. Flexible permissions settings: Administrators can set different permissions for different roles. The corresponding role can only view the data within the permission scope to ensure the security of the broker’s data.

Customizable Dashboard: Each user can customize the display of key indicator data in ‘My Dashboard’ according to their needs and requirements. The wide use of roles: Different roles can use dashboards to drive performance growth using different features. Boss/ System Administrator: The highest authority can see all the data in the dashboard and gain a comprehensive understanding of the company's business development. Sales / IB: the IB has the authority to gain a comprehensive understanding of their customer's overall profile. They can also do targeted sales activities for a list of customers and understand their performance changes with time.

Marketing: the Dashboard enables you to use the ‘Trend’ to compare the number of different customer sources. They can use the conversion to analyze the quality of customer conversion rates in different channels, compare inputs, and select the most effective channel to focus on operations. Using Business Intelligence to convert all the messy information to an organized and accessible pile of data using a friend user interface enables you to find all the information you require on your without relying on others, and you no longer have to dig through complex webs of linked spreadsheets or analyze data manually to form the necessary reports. The luxury of accessing organized data anytime you want will help you discover inefficient business processes, hidden patterns and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. Using this data to discover new opportunities automatically contribute to a better understanding of your company’s operations and the needs of your customers.