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LEAN WORK Reaches Cooperation Intention with cTrader

30th September 2017

Known as “Aphrodite’s island of love”, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is a continental transportation hub for Asia Europe and Africa. It is also known for FX supervision with over 200 quantities of FX brokers. It can be said that the FX industry has brought opportunities and vitality to Cyprus without exaggeration. During the iFX EXPO ,Darren Qian, the founder of LEAN WORK, is leading a delegation to Cyprus to study the market and seek business opportunities these days. The first stop of LEAN WORK’s delegation is SPOTWARE , the cTrader trading platform developer. As the second largest platform recognized by brokers, cTrader experienced an explosive growth in 2014 to 2016 with users increased by two times. During the meeting, the both parties have a serious talk about how tech company can help brokers with business growth. As a leading global financial technology provider, LEAN WORK has long seen as forex broker’s business supporter. Its CRM system is designed for helping brokers with business operations and growth. Its powerful fuctions and easy set-up mode can help brokers start their business quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile,cTrader allows traders to trade directly and efficiently with global banks via STP networks. It can also deal with orders in a fast entry and execution way. Based on the common grounds above, the two parties reached cooperation intention by the end of the visit. It’s revealed that cTrader will provide its API for LEAN WORK, likewise, LEAN WORK intends to develop bridge through its Broker Work and Trader Work system to connect with cTrader. The cooperation between the two sides tends to achieve the complementary advantages and resources sharing,by connect with cTrader, LEAN WORK can offer more diversified service to clients, in an effort to strengthen their competitive edge.