Gateway to fx industry - LeanWork

Gateway to fx industry

We are committed to help our clients establish, evolve and succeed in the increasingly competitive Forex Industry.

Over the years, fx has become one of the most attractive markets for international brokers. Lean Work gives brokers a competitive advantage by providing in-depth market research and insight. Bridging the gap between the brokers and the investors, is the Lean Work Team. Managed by a selected team of experts, they will assist clients every step of the way in their journey to fx industry
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What do you get


  • Broker work
  • Trader work
  • IB Portal (included in Broker Work)
  • Cloud Work (for an enhanced speed of exection and extra-low latency)
  • Bridge Work (Access to Trading Community)
  • VoiP Integrated with CRM
  • SMS Verification integrated with CRM
  • Call Center (outsource or set up your own)


  • Translation and Website Location
  • Brand and Content Localization
  • CRM
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Expos and Events
  • Industrial Media Relationship and Media Buy
  • Search Engine Marketing 


  • Formation of Company
  • Bank Account
  • Payment Solutions


  • Own corporate Branding MT4/MT5/cTrader (Mobile and web)
  • Daily/ weekly/ monthly Reporting
  • Skype emergency support