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How Brokers Can Manage The Risks

8th February 2018

If you can measure it, you can manage it:

If you’re a smart broker in the forex industry, you know how important it is to play by the rules of risk management. For every brokerage system in the world to work efficiently, a proper and functional risk management system is necessary.

To make things easier for you without being hard on your bank account, we present you a complete package and a solution to all your problems related to risk control –Dealer Work.

In the past, it was difficult for brokers to trace the matching conditions of a single order in liquidity providers’ system, Thus brokers are not able to determine the exact treatment for clients’ orders from the MT4 platform. A broker if not able to switch freely among many quote sources as long as signing with a number of liquidity providers when any of these sources is unavailable due to failure, will have no other way to overcome quotation failure and might have to face bankruptcy.

Dealer Work Risk Hedging System can dock with multiple liquidity providers at the same time while sending a quote to the broker’s MT4 platform. Brokers face unfair treatment at the hands of liquidity providers, but with the help of high advanced IT technology, all tracks can be recorded and traced by the system.  Not only does Dealer Work provides extensive reporting statistics function, including average spread, number of failures, average duration of closure delay but also provides the facility of  order association inquiry function, using which the system is able to record every order in detail and inquire any suspicious order by easily entering the order number in system.

What is Dealer Work?

Dealer Work is a risk hedging system designed for the forex brokers. The system is connected to multiple liquidity providers via FIX API and integrates the forex fluidity of several tens of topnotch banks and ECN (Electronic Communication Network) platforms. It is also seamlessly connected to the MT4 and other mainstream forex trading systems via our self-developing bridge, hence providing a risk management vehicle for the brokers that need STP (Straight through processing) mode and hedging the position risk of the platform to the international market.

Distinguished from the traditional bridge, Dealer Work is a risk management system based on cloud architecture and with a graphical interface. The broker can access an application via the browser anywhere and anytime. Its friendly graphical interface provides the fantastic user experience for the trader. Even a rookie broker can rapidly master the operation of Dealer Work and the complicated risk control logic.

Why is Dealer Work the best choice?

Dealer Work guarantees to give you the most stable and reliable experience. The data centres ensure the high reliability and low delay data transmission and provide real-time data backup.  The 24-hour manual monitoring system protects brokersduring the trading process, and because all the data is backed up on a cloud, brokerscan access it anytime and anywhere. Dealer Work also offers two kinds of label dockings that are white label docking and the master label docking.

The broker is free to choose how he wants to manage his accounts. Dealer Work offers a very flexible switch among the different modes. The real-time monitor upstream and the downstream opening quotation risk provide a perfect combination of automatic and manual hedging. With this dynamically designed product, brokers can record every single detail of the orders with the refine statistics analysis during the ordering process. This will provide you with a clear picture of profitability, and thus brokers can target each other to get an additional stable benefit.

By limiting your risk, you are ensuring that there will be no hindrance to your brokerage when things do not go according to plan.

Minimize risk, maximize profits:

The risk is inevitable in this industry, but knowing how to minimize the risk can help you manage it better. Every smart and skillful broker who wants to stay at the top of his game, wants to create the best trading experience for his investors. For that purpose DealerWork is the right choice for you.