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Trader work is THE trader’s portal

10th April 2018

Organising is directly proportional to efficiency

The forex industry is all about staying ahead of the game. But staying ahead of your competitors can become very difficult if you do not have the right trader’s portal for it. This is why LEAN WORK makes sure that its users never have to face any hurdles when it comes to being the best in the industry. So are you looking for a client portal that gives you easier and efficient access to information? Everyone likes things better when it’s organised. When everything you need is organised, you not only tend to work more efficiently but also feel extremely satisfied.

LEAN WORK making life more comfortable, once again

When it comes to providing services for multilevel commission settlement and an online business platform aiming to support brokers’ internal and external users, Trader Work becomes a very wise choice. This is a specially designed trader’s cabinet that offers FOREX brokers a complete package. If you’re an active participant in the foreign exchange industry, you might be aware of the importance of having an organized and efficient trader’s portal and how essential it is to form the relationship of loyalty with the broker. A satisfied trader who is loyal to the broker is all you need to succeed in this industry. So how do we gain the traders’ loyalty? Integrated with MT4, MT5 and cTrader, Trader Work has an easy and user-friendly interface so that the traders face no difficulties. When it comes to making your life easier by using a real-time interactive client portal, nothing beats Trader Work.

Why is Trader Work the best choice?

All the trader has to do to enjoy the benefits of this platform is sign up and register their details. The account registration process requires the trader to upload a few necessary documents and agree to the terms and conditions. Once you have signed up and registered, users can withdraw and transfer money from one account to another in a safe, quick and efficient manner. Using this platform managing your accounts and handling transactions will no longer have an issue. Trader Work allows the traders to conveniently gain access to manage leverage, change the currency, reset the account password and many other functions. This platform also forms a direct line of communication where brokers can communicate with the traders directly through messages and notifications. Other features like a live webcast also help in closing the communication gap between the trader and the broker. The DATA monitor feature in Trader Work help traders keeps track of every open and close operation.

With our dynamically designed product, Trader Work will keep you regularly updated on transactions and sensitive data. It will not only help you build a network with the brokers and real-time rebates but also enables you to analyse data more efficiently.

In addition, choosing to combine Trader Work with the All-in-one back-office and CRM solution provided by LEAN WORK, Broker Work, will ensure smooth operations and real-time, organized information.

Better not waste any more time or money

LEAN WORK always aims to provide their customers with the best services and that is why they have developed a new and efficient platform so that you can experience an easier way to monitor and manage your brokerage transactions.So what are you waiting for? Hurry and optimize your trading speed and efficiency with an uncluttered trading interface like TraderWork. Success and active management are now just a click away!